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Electric Motorcycle Startup Stark Future Challenges MXGP Proposal

Back in February 2024, we reported on the brewing conflict between Stark Future, an electric motorcycle startup, and the FIM. Stark Future had dedicated significant time, effort, and resources to ensure their bike met the FIM's regulations for the SuperEnduro World Championship in 2024.

However, at the last minute, the FIM changed the rules in a way that seemed to specifically prevent the Stark Varg from competing. The reason? The Stark Varg was set to be the only electric bike in a field of combustion bikes.

Unsurprisingly, Stark Future was not pleased. Fast forward to March 2024, when the FIM announced a new electric motorcycle racing support series to run alongside the MXGP class. Stark Future immediately voiced their opposition to this plan with a clear message in the title of their official announcement: Stark Future Challenges MXGP Proposal for Segregated Electric Support Class.

In essence, Stark Future believes in integration rather than segregation when it comes to electric bikes in racing. They want to see electric bikes competing head-to-head with combustion bikes, similar to RSD Super Hooligan Racing rather than the MotoE series.

Stefano Mesa's performance in the Mission Foods Super Hooligan Racing 2023 class on his Energica Eva Ribelle demonstrated the potential of electric bikes against combustion bikes. Mesa's team was the only electric team on the grid, yet he managed to finish fourth overall, showcasing the capabilities of electric technology.

In their official statement, Stark Future expressed their opposition to the FIM and Infront's plans to segregate electric superenduro racing from MXGP events. They believe that integration of new technologies will benefit all sides and enhance the competitiveness of the sport.

Anton Wass, the founder and CEO of Stark Future, emphasized the importance of true competition in motocross and the need to showcase the potential of electric technology on an equal playing field with internal combustion engines. He believes that segregation hinders progress and innovation in the sport.

Perhaps the reluctance towards electric bikes in motorcycle racing stems from a fear of their competitiveness. Stark Future's challenges to the status quo highlight the potential of electric technology in the sport and the need for inclusive competition.