Gas Station Pump Glitch Exploited in Nebraska

Gas Station Pump Glitch Exploited in Nebraska

A gas station pump glitch was recently discovered by a woman in Nebraska at her local fillup spot. She took advantage of the glitch and filled up for free for over six months, as reported by 1011 Now, a local news outlet.

According to the report, the police were informed about the situation by Bosselman Enterprise's loss prevention manager on Oct. 20, 2023. The manager received information from the Pump and Pantry near West O Street and Sun Valley Boulevard about someone participating in a fuel scam.

It was found that the fuel pumps at the Pump and Pantry had received a software update in November of 2022, which managed orders and reward cards. However, the update had a glitch that allowed customers to use their rewards card to enter the pump into a demo mode by swiping twice and getting free gas.

The suspect used the rewards card exploit 510 times, multiple times a day, allowing others to use it as well. It is estimated that she made off with around 7,413 gallons of gas before trying to sell the card and being stopped by the police.

According to the report on 1011 Now, the total losses due to the exploit were estimated to be $27,860.27, based on an average fuel cost of $3.758 per gallon during the months of exploitation.

What would you do with $27,000 worth of free gas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

For me, I would consider starting a backyard race series with friends, family, and coworkers, utilizing the free gas to fuel the event. It could be a festival-style pit-bike championship with barbeque, jumps, and chaos. The possibilities are endless with that much free gas!

Another idea could be to embark on a Long Way Round or Long Way Up adventure with the free fuel. The choice is yours!