MV Agusta’s CEO recently had a conversation with Motorcycle News (MCN) regarding the latest developments at MV’s headquarters concerning the Lucky Explorer. The adventure bike was originally planned to be released in two versions, a twin and a triple. However, it seems that only one of them is close to being ready for release, while the other has been put on hold.

We also reached out to MV Agusta in our respective locations, and the distributors informed us that the Lucky Explorer 9.5 is still happening, but the 5.5 may not see the light of day anytime soon, or possibly ever. While some are calling the project a failure, MV’s CEO clarified in an interview that the 5.5 is temporarily on hold.

The reason behind MV's decision to pause the development of the Lucky Explorer 5.5 is because the brand is evaluating the market conditions for this model within the KTM sales network. Currently, KTM has been working closely with MV Agusta, utilizing its resources to assist the Italian brand with MV sales and networks in different countries.

When the project was initially announced, MV proudly introduced two new adventure-touring motorcycles to expand its lineup and meet the increasing demand for these versatile machines. The 9.5 was well-received by most MV fans, but the 5.5 raised some eyebrows. MV revealed that the 5.5 models would be produced in collaboration with QJ Motor in China and would be based on the Benelli TRK502.

Following this announcement, KTM became more involved with MV Agusta by acquiring a 25.1 percent stake in the Italian brand. The deal involved KTM's assistance in terms of distribution and dealer networks, and it seems that Pierrer Mobility (KTM's parent company) is looking to further engage with the brand, potentially conflicting with Saradarov's stance on MV's independence from the Pierrer Group.

"The main principle is for MV Agusta to remain independent in terms of design language and engineering compared to KTM Group's products and companies. MV Agusta will not be part of the cross-platform and cross-branded approach that KTM is known for," stated Saradarov.

Saradarov confirms that the Lucky Explorer 9.5 will retain the inline three engine and will not be replaced by KTM's 890cc twin. MV Agusta will maintain its technological independence. The production of 500 special editions will precede mass production of the 9.5. However, the fate of the 5.5 remains uncertain as it is no longer scheduled for production. Will we ever see it? Saradarov has not completely ruled it out, and he even mentioned that MV and QJ Motor are still collaborating on other projects.

For now, the MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 is expected to begin production in October 2023 for the 2024 model year, and we are eagerly awaiting its launch.