Motorcycle Manufacturers Expanding Platforms with New Suzuki V-Strom 800

If there is one thing that most major motorcycle manufacturers have in common, it is their desire to maximize the use of their latest developments. This is why when a mass-market manufacturer creates a new vehicle, it is usually not just one vehicle, but a platform that can be expanded over time.

For example, Suzuki recently introduced the GSX-8S and V-Strom 800DE at EICMA 2022. Both bikes were built around a new 776cc parallel twin engine design, which received positive reviews from journalists and riders. Encouraged by the success, Suzuki continued working on its next bikes, including a more road-focused version of the V-Strom 800.

Recently, vehicle type approval images of the new V-Strom 800 were leaked, providing a sneak peek at the front and back of the bike. These images, although not of the best quality, reveal some noticeable differences compared to the V-Strom 800DE. The road-focused version features smaller alloy wheels, a taller windscreen, and the absence of a belly pan and hand guards.

Additional details from the vehicle approvals include the V-Strom 800's tare weight of 207 kilograms, width of 905mm, and wheelbase of 1,515mm. These specifications differ slightly from the V-Strom 800DE, which has a tare weight of 214 kilograms, width of 975mm, and wheelbase of 1,570mm. These changes align with the more road-focused nature of the bike.

While these documents were filed in Australia, it is expected that Suzuki will release the V-Strom 800 in other markets as well. However, specific details such as release date, color options, and pricing are still unknown.